Louisiana Health Access Program


Open Enrollment ended March 31st- But many people still have options!  Click here to find out more about Special Enrollment Periods.

WHO BENEFITS FROM LA HAP (pronounced "lah hap")?

Because certain medical conditions have made it difficult or financially impossible for some individuals to acquire health insurance coverage, alternate programs were designed to provide care for eligible individuals with certain pre-existing conditions.


The staff that make up LA HAP are those individuals at the STD/HIV Program (SHP) who process LA HAP applications.  Previously known as your ADAP Staff we are:

 • Jennifer Carlos Gomez, ADAP Coordinator, 504-568-5448
 • Heather Weaver, TAB Coordinator, 504-568-5489
 • Tiffany Medlock, Client Services Specialist, 504-680-9403
 • Rosaline Morgan, Client Services Specialist, 504-568-8746
 • Markham Bradburn, Client Services Specialist, 504-568-3623


ADAP stands for AIDS Drug Assistance Programs which is a funding source available through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) that can be used to provide access to medications for uninsured individuals and assistance with cost shares for insured individuals. LA ADAP is the name that we have historically used to describe access to medications for uninsured individuals, also sometimes called “Traditional ADAP”. Louisiana receives ADAP funds from HRSA and still provides medication and insurance services with these funds.

To better align our programs with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and our clients' transition to the Health Insurance Marketplace the programs in Louisiana now funded with ADAP dollars are LDAP and HIP.

   • L-DAP stands for LOUISIANA DRUG ASSISTANCE PROGRAM and will cover drug costs for uninsured individuals and drug copays, coinsurances, & deductibles for insured individuals.
   • HIP stands for the HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM and will cover insurance plan premiums as well as non-drug copays, coinsurances, & deductibles for insured individuals.
   • In 2014, LA HAP will process both L-DAP and HIP enrollment through a single application.


To enroll in LA HAP contact a case manager at your local community based organization (CBO), a social services staff person at the LSU medical center, or LA HAP staff directly to complete an application.

Starting on Monday, December 2, 2013 LA HAP is implementing the new streamlined application FOR UNINSURED MEDICATION SERVICES ONLY. This mean if you previously would have completed a LA ADAP application, you will now complete a LA HAP Streamline application. Click here to download a copy of the new application and instruction.

Recertification for insurance assistance (HIP) is NOT changing yet.

HIP is expected to transition to the streamlined application later in 2014 with the implementation of the Pharmacy Benefits Manager. You will be notified before this change occurs.

For information on the HIP application go to www.lahip.org or call the HIP staff at 225-927-1269


If you have more questions give us a call at 504-568-7474 or send us an email at info@lahap.org.

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